Oct 07, 2013

INVENA published in the american website “designboom”:

“écru architetti: invena the blue staircase to nowhere” by desginboom

inserting a bright blue staircase into this discarded building, the installation ‘invena’ by italian firm écru architetti, seeks to create a feeling of rebirth. by wrapping itself in through the window, the parasitic structure co-inhabits the empty room’s feeling of nothingness. the stairs lead to nowhere, yet they expose the ability of an object to assimilate into a new context. transforming its surroundings, the monotone blue paint provides a strong visual contrast next to the rough concrete. the embedding of a foreign item into a random landscape is a reference to wide-spread urban planning and development, which appears to be taking over our natural landscape – imposing new spaces where before there was none.

‘in the making of architectural space, it attacks beginning the slow process of nurturing and reactivation, punctuated by unexpected contamination, landing and flight, climbs and descents.’ say ecru architetti.